Salmon Salad or Sandwich

A Refreshing and Nutrient Rich Salmon Salad or Sandwich


1              Can Salmon 14.75 oz

1             Ripe Avocado

1             TBSP Lemon Juice

2             TSP Dijon Mustard

1             TBSP Capers (Drained & Chopped)

1/3         Cup Celery (Diced)

1/3         Cup Onion (Diced)

1/4         Cup Sweet Relish (Drained)

                Dash Pepper Sauce

                 Salt & Pepper

1             TBSP Dill (Chopped)

8             Slices Bread (GF) lightly toasted

24           Slices Cucumber

4 Leaves                Lettuce (Green or Red leaf)



Use 1 can (14.75 ounces) or 2 cans (6-7.5 oz) canned salmon, drained and chunked.

For this spread, thoroughly blend all ingredients except bread and lettuce/cucumber. Spread 1/2 to 3/4 cup mixture onto one bread slice half. Top with cucumber slices, tomatoes and lettuce, if desired, and bread top. Serve immediately. Serves 3. Enjoy!

Adapted from Trident Seafoods