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How Dr. Glidden and I Met


I started working for a specialty laboratory in 2005 and very shortly thereafter met Dr. Glidden at a Naturopathic Medical Conference in Washington state. The following week we were at another medical conference together and this continued for a few months. He was constantly telling me bad jokes! We started dating in 2006 and in 2007 Dr. Glidden moved to Chicago so that we could be together.


Dr. Glidden knew of Dr. Wallach for a decade or so before I met Dr. Wallach. I regularly ran into Dr. Wallach at several medical conferences through the years while I worked for the laboratory. Dr. Glidden spent some time with Dr. Wallach at a Naturopathic conference back around 2009 and was very curious about his knowledge of all things wholistic. Dr. Wallach then invited him to one of his lectures he was giving in Chicago and he decided to go.


I remember him coming home from the lecture excited. Dr. Glidden said it was the most wholistic lecture he had ever heard in his career as a Naturopathic physician. The next thing I knew, we started getting deliveries of Youngevity products.


Dr. Glidden started taking the products and shortly after I noticed a difference in him. He also said he was feeling much better. Dr. Glidden then wanted me to start taking the products as well, and, reluctantly, I did! I traveled, for 7 years, all over the country taking my liquid calcium with. I kept it in a Ziploc bag and stowed it away in my checked luggage without any trouble.


Creating Eiffel Health


I left the laboratory in 2014 to work with Dr. Glidden and build my Youngevity business. I was traveling so much for the lab and we wanted to have more time together and make a bigger impact in people's lives!


Going forward, we hope to travel the country to meet you in person at our own Eiffel Health events!


Dr. Glidden and I have been following the Good Foods/Bad Foods list since about 2009. It’s at the core of living a wholistic lifestyle and I have so much to share about that. We have recipes on our blog and have created resources like Gluten Free tastings (we will be creating more of these in the future). I love to cook for Dr. Glidden, my family and friends, and I love sharing our recipes with our members.


I started cooking dinners for my family when I was in grade school and I haven’t stopped. My mother is an excellent cook and thankfully she passed her love of cooking on not only to me, but also to my children as well. Thanks Mom!


Building my Youngevity business has taught me quite a bit over these past few years. My degree is in business management and yet, I don’t recall ever once learning anything about network marketing. I had a successful career in the medical industry and I traveled a lot which I did enjoy. However, single digit raises, 9 to 5 hours, glass ceiling, no say so, etc. all contributed to what started as a part time job. I’ve almost doubled my salary and I’m not done yet. Sure, I work a lot of hours, the difference is that I’m now getting the benefits of doing so. I still love to travel, now I am traveling for a hobby, not my boss.


Every day I am coaching people on better health or on better wealth. This is something you can be passionate about.


In the end, if you enjoy having good health, more time to spend how you want it and or more income to spend how you want to we should have a conversation.


So, if you have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., connect with Eiffel Health now!