Burger Bomb Recipe

These Burger Bombs Are Perfect For Cook-Outs & Get-Togethers...



2 pounds’ ground beef (20% fat if possible)

½ C Gluten free bread crumbs

2 Large eggs

½ C BBQ sauce

1 t each: salt, pepper & garlic powder

1/3 C diced (minced) onion (use inside of large onions below)

4 large onions

Bacon (nitrate free) about 24 slices



Cut across 2/3’s of layers of the onion so the first three layer of the onion will be intact with only one slice through it. Use the inside of one of the onions to mince for meat mixture.

Mix all ingredients except the large 4 onions in a large bowl.

Fill the first peel of onion with the meat mixture, wrap with two slices of bacon and secure with a toothpick or small wooden skewer. Continue until you are out of ingredients.

Bake at 425° on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper or preferably a rack for 40 minutes.

Dr Glidden and I prefer to eat these on lettuce & tomato. Since we don’t grill, this is a great option to make a lot of “burgers” at once to feed family and friends.