Chicken and Cherry Quinoa Salad

The Nutritious and Delicious Chicken and Cherry Quinoa Salad



1 C Quinoa

1 ½ C Water

1 ½ C Diced cooked chicken

½ C Dried cherries or fresh pitted

½ C Celery, diced

½ C Red Onion, minced

½ C toasted nuts (pecan, walnut)

Chopped fresh thyme (Optional)



1 Avocado, ripe

½ C White wine vinegar

1 t sugar

½ - 1 t salt

1 Garlic clove

Fresh ground pepper



Cook quinoa according to directions, fluff with fork and cool.

In a large bowl, add quinoa, chicken, cherries, celery and onion.

In food processor/blender add dressing ingredients and blend until sugar dissipates and garlic is minced. If dressing is too thick add a little water or juice. Pour over salad and chill.

Add nuts and thyme to salad just before serving.


Adapted from CA Walnut Commission