Muscle Oil

As part of the Team Eiffel blog, obviously our goal is that you are perfectly healthy and never suffer. But short of that coming true 100%, we can at least give you some information and tools to deal with problems that might come up. So today I'm going to talk about muscle pain and how I've dealt with it.

I recently ran in a 10km race last weekend and had an awesome time. I've been taking Youngevity products for years and really prepared and planned for this race and took the proper supplements to help my body handle what I was doing to it. However, for some people, while running a race like this is totally doable, it can also cause some soreness and pain AFTER the race. How can you deal with that?

Essential oils. Seems old and ancient and maybe to some of you a bit outdated. But if you already are taking Youngevity supplements, or any supplements at all, then you know that what is right here on earth, in the plants, the air, the was meant to help us. And beauty, it's been here all along. Essential oils are old, but in my opinion tried and true. Something that didn't work, would not have stuck around for thousands of years. Ask yourself this...were people using Alieve or Advil back when Alexander the Great was tromping around his empire? No! But essential oils like Tea Tree, Peppermint and Lavender were. Those oils can help with swelling, burns, headaches, infections, inflammation, digestion and pain! And honestly, that's the short list.

Now if you haven't heard of Leiann King, then head over to her website ( after reading this post. She is a Certified Aromatherapist, Master Herbalist and has been using essential oils for decades with all of her 8 children. She has some excellent Podcasts and Blogs all about essential oils. 

I have also learned a lot from Dr. Glidden (, a naturopathic doctor. He has this to say about our bodies and pain.

The majority of chronic disease is caused, or directly effected by 1. Inadequate nutrition 2. Dietary stress. And is fixed by 1. Therapeutic nutrition 2. Proper diet.
— Dr. Peter Glidden, ND

And the thing is, with athletes, when their metabolism is working so hard, they burn through their nutrients faster. So they need more. But most people don't really realize that. I'm not taking about watching what you eat per say. Although that's important, when it comes to supporting your bones and joints and muscles with nutrients, it's totally different from calorie consumption for your energy needs. 

Purchase HSP 2.0  HERE .

Purchase HSP 2.0 HERE.

So knowing that you need to dial in and support your bones, joints, muscles, what are you going to do? Taking an off-the-counter calcium supplement pill, that's sitting next to the news rag magazines...ummmm....maybe not the best choice. But getting a great quality Calcium, Magnesium, Boron, Silica, Iron, Vitamin D, etc with 90 of the essential nutrients that your body needs. THAT is the best choice. I take the Healthy Body Start Pak every day.....EVERY DAY!

So with my daily nutrient needs taken, I also use my essential oils. I alternate between my favorites. After my run on the weekend, I used Lavender Mailette in my diffuser. Then I make a massage rub of Birch Oil for my knees and hips. And guess what? I felt fantastic.  

Here are 3 different ailments that can occur:

Muscle Pain: Birch, Marjoram, Basil

Choose an essential oil and blend 3 to 5 drops with equal parts carrier oil (jojoba oil/grapeseed oil), and massage to the affect area.

Muscle Stiffness: Lavender Mailette, Basil, Marjoram

Choose an essential oil and blend 3 to 5 drops with equal parts carrier oil (jojoba oil/grapeseed oil), and massage to the affect area.

Muscle Strain: Rosemany, Basil, Marjoram

Choose an essential oil and blend 3 to 5 drops with equal parts carrier oil (jojoba oil/grapeseed oil), and massage to the affect area.

As you can see, I've chosen just three popular essential oils for these three issues. And low and behold Basil and Marjoram were a common for all three. If you haven't had a chance to smell these, you have too. They are so great. And if you want to get a bottle of one, two or more, Youngevity sells the best quality in essential oils. They are extremely pure and used from the best plant, flower, bark, seed...whatever! Go HERE to become a Youngevity member and get these and more oils at wholesale. *Birch oil is my favourite too!

Purchase oils  here .

Purchase oils here.

The beauty of these oils is that you only need very little to go a long way. So the bottles last ages. I have a Lavender Mailette that I have used probably every day for the last month...I still have half the bottle! If you need any help ordering, or what you want to get please call us toll free 1-888-618-1796 or email

I'm not an expert by any means but I use this stuff EVERYDAY! On me, my kids, my dog! So I have practical experience. 

The only source of knowledge is experience.
— Albert Einstein

Have a great day everyone! Until next time, your Health Advocate,

Andrea Brightwell