Featured Non-Youngevity Products

Living a healthy lifestyle sometimes takes Dr. Glidden and I outside the realm of Youngevity. There are hundreds of great Gluten-Free products out there, cookbooks, cooking products, cooking oils, and much more. All of these things are great ways to help support healthy living...

Here are some of my, and Dr. Glidden's, favorite non-Youngevity products...

Goodie Girl.jpg

Goodie Girl Mint Slims

The Goodie Girl Mint Slims are a great way to wrap up a meal. They are Gluten-Free, nut free, and quite tasty. Dr. Glidden and I have these from time to time and they are always a treat we look forward to

Epic Animal Oils.jpg

EPIC Animal oils

We use these DAILY! We use them to cook everything from eggs to zucchini and everything in bewtween. I am not a big duck fan and I was surprised when I learned Dr Glidden cooked my eggs in duck fat as I didn't taste it.

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